Mariachi Bastards

Experience the mixture between traditional mexican music and pure rock

 About Mariachi Bastards & the Mariachi-Rock Genre

 Mariachi Bastards puts together what belongs together: Mariachi and Rock. Mixing the typical latin trumpets, hot dancing rhythms and the powerful sound of an electric guitar and a booming drum-set – Mariachi Bastards, led by mexican frontman Daniel Tejeda, know how to transport mexican tradition into the rock genre.

Mariachi music alone covers so many sub-genres, so that you can pick out of a huge catalog of atmospheres. Wether Día de los Muertos, world cultural heritages like salsa and bolero, or mexican temperament – all that in combination with rock, creates a unique and thrilling experience, which promises to fill a market gap in both german and the international music scene.

Mariachi Rock is not an inexistent genre. We know it already from the movies: what Tarantino and Robert Rodríguez brought to the big screen, but was never taken to a live concept, shall finally find its stage.