–Singer & Frontman–

The band was founded by former Mariachi singer Dan Tejeda, who was raised in the highest Mariachi Tradition in Mexico, but renounced his promising future as a traditional singer to pursue his path in becoming the first Mariachi Rockstar ever and was then brutally murdered by the Mexican mafia in order to prevent “Mariachi Tradition” of being bastardised


After his death, he was blessed by La Santa Muerte herself and brought back amongst mortals in form of a half-dead Mexican bastard named “Dante” with the only purpose to fulfil his quest: to conquer the world by being the first Mariachi Rockstar.

He will then return to the dead as a legend. 

Alfredo Puños

–Studio E-Guitar–

The legend says he will play every guitar he can get his hands on and the guitar will succumb before his fingers do.

Lucho Lobo



Trained in the old german tradition of a Trompetenmacher, he had been searching his whole life for the most precious raw material to fuse and create the perfect trumpet that could play every tune in the world and make him the best trumpet in history. He searched the whole world for the lost aztec gold who was said to be of greatest value and fulfil every need. 


After years of research and traveling the globe he finally found the precious gold and finished his trumpet. As he played the very first tone, Xipe Tótec, the aztec god of goldsmith appeared to him. He saw the greed in Lucho’s eyes and condemned him with eternal life. He will now have to play the infamous trumpet until the last full moon of the human world. 

Pancho Pistolas 

–Studio and live E-Bass–

He's got the calmness and precision of a true gunmen. In his eyes you will recognize that peace that you've been yearning for, but make no mistake... that peace could turn you into pieces in the blink of an eye.

Quique Cabroloco


Trapped being a musical slave on a cursed cruise ship where crew can never get off from, he played cold tunes on the piano to unthankful audiences for an eternity at sea, became old, bitter and cursed until he died of unhappiness. The cursed cruise ship wasted his dead body like many others’ by the coast of Yucatán México, and his body sunk for years and years.

The mayan god of water Chaac, found him at the botton of the Caribbean sea and brought him back to life and back to land, where people will truly listen to what he plays.

 Mario Banquetas

–Live Drums–

 He will drink Mezcal until the break of day and end up wasted by the sidewalk, but still be able to play "La cucaracha" in 300 bpm.

Cristal Pura 

–Live Trumpet–

She acquired her name from the clear and soothing tones she'll make with her trumpet, melting even the coldest hearts. 

Oveja Negra

–Live E-Guitar–

Adopted his name “black sheep” for being considered an outsider in the southwest for having an inclination for native american music. Exiled to Berlin and struggling to survive, he was visited by Kokopelli, the native american god of music and was given a guitar made out of totem's wood that will give him the power to mesmerize masses with his tones.

Photo by Bernardo Meruvia

Esteban Barrios

–Live E-bass–

He comes from a line of bastards that goes all the way up to Mozart. He's been blessed by Veles –the slavic god of the underworld– with fingers of steel.

Still from our Music Video "Pistolero"